About Bird Watching Holiday Cottages


Birdwatching Holiday COttagesWe have our own holiday cottages in Northumberland where you can see kingfishers, curlews, oystercatchers and barn owls from the cottage windows.

No matter how often we see the electric blue flash of a kingfisher it is always a moment that brightens even the dullest of days.  The silent prowl of a barn owl stops us in our tracks every time.

Having such ornithology on our doorstep could easily become routine were it not for the animation of our guests when they are privileged witnesses of such spectacles, and it was this reaction from our guests that made us create this website.

Listed on here are holiday cottages either next to a recognised nature reserve or where the owners can provide you information about which out-of-the-ordinary birds can be spotted and where.

Birdwatcher, Holiday CottagesIt’s this inside knowledge that counts!  For example we can tell you that our resident short eared owl tends to sit on our tennis court fence looking for mice just before dusk turns to night, so that you can be in the right place at the right time.

In late 2013 we created The Cottage Cooperative, which has a number of websites like this one to help guests find the exact type of cottage they want.

Cottages listed on our websites are owned by like-minded members who abide by a genuine code of advertising and are committed to offering a high quality service to guests.

For this reason there will never be hundreds of cottages on this website, but as members must agree to our standards before advertising, you should enjoy more peace of mind when booking.

We may well not yet have a cottage of the size you require in the area you want, but please check back as membership is growing slowly but surely.

All of the cottages in the Bird Watching Holiday Cottages collection are listed on this website not only because there are some out of the ordinary birds to be seen in the vicinty, but also on the understanding that that each owner is capable of making your stay special.

kingfishers, birdwatchingAll you should have to do is arrive and get your binoculars out!

Gemma & Tim

Founders of The Cottage Cooperative

Proprietors of Burnfoot Holiday Cottages